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High Tech Appliances for Kitchen
High Tech Appliances for Kitchen
Manila Head Office
Manila Head Office
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As a result of the breakup and dissolution of the original company, Electrolux acquired the brand rights in 2005 and the name is also licensed to various companies:
Currently the brand is being actively promoted by Electrolux; it includes many of the same products that it formerly manufactured, such as power solutions energy devices, telecommunication devices (phones and mobile phones), automation, car accessories, home appliances, power tools, projectors, printing equipment and supplies, water treatment devices, and personal care devices under the AEG brand. 

Appliance Production 
• Washing Machines 
• Dryers 
• Washers Dryers 
• Ovens 
• Hobs 
• Cookers 
• Dishwashers 
• Fridge freezers 
• Accessories