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High Tech Appliances for Kitchen
High Tech Appliances for Kitchen
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Created in 1684 by Johann von Dietrich
For over 300 years De Dietrich has been at the forefront of life-changing technological advances. Borne from a generation with a passion for excellence, De Dietrich has continually strived to develop solutions for the ever changing world.
Initially the business centred in the ironworking trade. Over successive centuries, De Dietrich expanded into the steel sector, decorative ironwork and railway rolling stock, with fine design and innovative solutions always being the driving factor. In 1910, De Dietrich ventured into homeware with the launch of the Mertzwiller Cooker – the founding product of all De Dietrich home appliances.
Renowned as a supplier of market-leading premium kitchen appliances that are innovative as well as beautiful in their design. De Dietrich has continued to pioneer technological advances in the homeware market, regularly introducing ground-breaking innovations and concepts. BEAUTY The 2013 Collection from De Dietrich continues the tradition of beauty with the creation of a sophisticated and highly refined look by introducing vertical and structured lines coupled with a fusion of glass and stainless steel.
With the choice of Black or Stainless Steel colour lines, the De Dietrich Collection bestows an exclusive look and feel to any kitchen. INNOVATION Innovations include the introduction of the revolutionary zoneless induction hob, the Piano as well as the new DOP1180 oven with colour matrix display, which hides extreme intelligence behindsophisticated aesthetics.
The new DOS1180 Compact Multifunction Oven with Pyroclean and Steam Functions now completes the range of 45cm appliances offering true versatility to any kitchen

The history of the de Dietrich family has been linked to that of France and of Europe for over three centuries. To this day, the company that bears the family name continues to play a major role in the economic life of Alsace. De Dietrich is a holding company based in France which traces its history back to 1684.
The incumbent chairman of the supervisory board Marc-Antoine de Dietrich represents the 11th consecutive generation at the helm of the company. De Dietrich has been active in the automobile, railway and industrial equipment industry amongst others.

Appliance Production 

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• Ovens and Compact Ovens
• Hobs 
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• Fridge freezers 
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