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Traditional Appliances for Kitchen
High Tech Appliances for Kitchen
Manila Head Office
Manila Head Office
Prices & Conditions
All prices are in Pesos, importation Tax and VAT included. 
Base is Php 56 and U$ 1.19 for 1 €uro on September 2017. 
La Marmite take in charge appliances from Europe up to door at Manila. 
Appliances can be imported by plane (10 days), or by boat (9 weeks). 
No minimum order is asked, La Marmite can import from one appliance to one container. 

How to Estimate a door to door Price
Prices are calculated in accordance with appliance quantities and shipments type. 
• Calculate cost of selected appliances. 
• Chose Adapted Logistic in accordance with your project. 
• Just confirm your request for updated quotation (Supplier, Stock, Change, Logistic…) 
Do not hesitate to contact us for specific order. 

In Pesos by transfers to BPI after quotation acceptance.
Each appliance is delivered with a European certificate of origin. 
For reason of direct importation without intermediate warranty is applicable in accordance with manufacturer conditions. 
After warranty period, La Marmite origin spare parts too.