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Bespoke:  Virtuose
We Design The Suite That is The Closest Match to Your Dreams
Especially aimed at the restaurant sector, Charvet's bespoke suites are made to order, following a personalised design process. These stand out for their high-quality build, their high-performance and their elegant design. This bespoke approach ensures maximum efficiency and the Chef's personal touch. We offer the ingredients and the Chef makes the decisions on the recipe: the distribution of work areas, sizes, specific layouts, special finishes, bespoke colour schemes...

For a perfect finish, there is just one secret:  The human touch
Inspected at every stage of manufacture (CE standards) and then assembled in our factory, Charvet's cooking modules are built to the millimetre before their final installation in your kitchen. No automation is involved in achieving this perfect fit; the fitter adjusts by hand the alignment of edges, checks by sight the squareness of a vertical line, gives a final polish and ensures the smooth opening of a door.

Le relais des moines (3' 47")
Download: 7 pages, 1 Mo
Virtuose design (2'36")