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Traditional Appliances for Kitchen
High Tech Appliances for Kitchen
Manila Head Office
Manila Head Office
Delivery Date
The factory strives to meet your estimated completion date as much as possible. 
La Marmite will contact you one week before installation. 
Please check if power installation is ready, Gas bottle(s) with pressure regulator is available on site, Water tube (if needed) is installed. 
In case of delay, Manila port or airport will charge for the additional stock period. 

Upon Arrival
Delivery need to be done on a flat sidewalk or driveway. 
La Marmite supervise box inspection and range uncrating. 

Site Installation
La Marmite take in charge installation and connections to power, gas, and water (if needed). 
Installation is done in accordance with the minute of survey transmitted during the order. 

Switch On
La Marmite take in charge range assembly, connections, and tests. 
Operator demonstration (in English or in French) is done. 
La Marmite can show to house help cleaning method of burners and ovens. 

24 months on site for a normal condition of use. 
Installation done by team non-accredited by La Marmite avoid the warranty.